Even if drawing isn’t your forte, enjoy some laughs, friendly rivalry, and a fantastic opportunity for team bonding as you try to decipher each other’s doodles. Each member will select a question from a provided list and use emojis and shapes to answer it. It reminds your team that they each have feelings that impact their work lives, and they owe it to each other to listen, understand, and support one another. Body Scan offers a creative way for people to connect with their emotions and reflect on their physical sensations. Starting meetings off positively will set the tone for productive collaboration. Each person shares two factual statements and one lie about themselves.

Simple icebreaker questions are not to be overlooked when finding fun ways to introduce a new team or engage and motivate a new one. They can be as complicated or as simple as you like, and they take very little time to plan and organize (a win-win for you). To get over this tension, fun icebreakers can be used to start conversations and rule out any nervousness.

Virtual Debates

This is especially fun if you have a diverse team that celebrates a wide range of holidays! Adding all of them to a shared calendar to pull from as they draw near is an easy way to work in these conversation starters. These ice breakers are designed to be inclusive and adaptive to any holiday. Virtual icebreakers are a crucial part of conducting remote meetings.

They need to guess which ones are true and which one is a lie. The idea is that you share things that are not so obvious to guess. This simple ice breaker consists in creating a collaborative bucket list. Everyone on the team has to share an aspiration, and someone’s shares their screen and writes all the aspirations and dreams. You might get surprised to see the similarities (or differences) you have with your peers.

examples of holiday themed ice breakers:

Days before the meeting ask your coworkers to send you a picture of their home office. Every Monday (or day you choose), share a picture of the office and they need to guess whose office is that one. One of the great things about remote teams is getting to know people from other cultures and backgrounds. Discussing things as politics or traditions is fun, but food connects everyone regardless of their beliefs. In the first place, sometimes, especially when the week is starting, people want to have a quick meeting and get started with their work.

Just like icebreaker questions, choosing the right one can be challenging, but don’t overthink it. Anything that lets people share about themselves during video conferencing is a win for both you and your team. Virtual icebreakers are activities or questions designed to build connections and facilitate interactions among team members in virtual meeting and remote work settings.

Sales Discovery Meeting Template

In this manner, everyone gets a chance to speak something good about their colleagues. The group leader or manager can ask the other team members to think of where the company would stand in the next 5 years. Charades is something that all of you must have played with icebreakers for virtual meetings your family members and friends. Now, all those members whose birthday is in the month of January need to switch on their cameras when it is called out. During this time, the other members shall make a note of all the people who celebrate their birthdays in January.

ice breakers for large virtual meetings

To make it a little more challenging and to have some more fun, instead of “ëe”, you can choose to replace the vowels with other letters like “oo” or “ii”. For this game, the host needs to prepare about words from any category https://remotemode.net/ like movie names, songs, celebrities, etc. While actual live debates could be fun, online debates are no less. New members also stand a good chance here to introduce themselves and interact with other team members.

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