Also, you will find ways on how to practice empathy with your remote team. Today on the Internet you can find a ton of articles that are devoted to remote work facts, specific aspects of working remotely, and opinions from leading experts in the industry. After reading this post, you’ll know the top 5 remote work blogs written by expert remote workers. These experts have made hundreds of mistakes along the way, but eventually designed a system on how to master remote work. Brought to you by writers with over a decade of experience as remote workers, digital nomads, distributed leaders and worldwide recruiters.

A remote work culture is a culture that puts connection and sense of belonging of remote workers front and center. Without a solid system in place, you’ll create a poor employee experience and high employee turnover. From hiring and onboarding remote work blog to communication and management, things can quickly get out of hand. Virtual teams, remote company culture, and virtual human resource management are just a few of the topics you need to get on top of when working in your remote company.

Give all meetings a clear purpose

Other works that contain remote work tips include appreciation for remote employees and a remote work program to outlast the ongoing pandemic. The tips listed in the work from home blogs are to follow a top-down approach to building trust, setting clear and realistic goals, communicating expectations and community building. As a resource center dedicated to the freelancing, temping and casual earning network, the write life features blogs on staying disciplined and aware of deadlines. Their remote working blogs on attracting clients, selling your portfolio and the building blocks of trust virtually are a must-read for those looking to explore the job market without stepping out of their homes. Remote employee monitoring is a necessary evil, given the inclination to lose track of the time during work hours and spend it elsewhere. Increased time on social media, for instance, can tempt even the most productive worker when they are remote.

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Put empowerment and humility together, and you have a team of people who feel supported both when taking the initiative and taking feedback. Our number-one value, kindness, reminds us to give others the benefit of the doubt in every situation. When someone appears to say or do something that is not kind, we ask for clarification instead of assuming malicious intent. We all want one another to succeed, and all of us are willing to do a little extra to make life a little easier for someone else. When you start with the assumption that everyone wants the best for everyone else, communication becomes much easier.

How To Make The Most Out Of WWR’s 2022 Remote Job Fair

How do companies protect their intellectual property right and invention rights with remote workforces? This guide walks you through all you need to know about IP and global employment. Change fatigue, a byproduct of continuous organizational transformations, significantly affects employee outcomes. These statistics paint a concerning picture of the impact of poorly managed change on employee well-being and productivity. Despite these challenges, only a small fraction of organizations — 8% — are confident in their plans to actively manage change fatigue.

Even as you race to build a home office where you can feel optimally productive, it’s even more important to find a balance that helps your mental health thrive. Speaking of which, it might be necessary to properly assess an employment relationship to determine whether a contractor is still within legal limits to avoid costly labor entanglements. To clarify, it’s important to determine how much autonomy your remote hires have over their schedules, tools, and training. Otherwise, you could lose deals, fail regulatory audits, get your reputation damaged, or get dragged into costly litigation. Partners prefer to only work with businesses that have an untainted past and as a result, poor IP management can damage your business’s prospects.

Email is not the right communications solution for remote teams

Here’s our expert advice on why you should ask to work remotely and how to do it. Businesses that implement remote work policies see increased productivity, efficiency, and fulfillment from their employees. Discover the best remote work friendly laptops you can take on your digital nomad travels with you which are also great to work from home. Take a look at the top countries pros and cons as well as guides to start a business.

The next time someone’s misgivings around remote work is within earshot, be sure to recommend them this blog! Besides this, there are tips for managers to keep remote teams engaged and why culture matters. The Hubstaff blog is one of the best work-from-home blogs available and an excellent resource for new and seasoned remote workers alike.

If you are wondering about the latest statistics on the number of remote workers around the globe, remote work market, and the main challenges that occur while working remotely, check out our article 66 remote work statistics. If you have employees who live as digital nomads, make sure your company can support their relocation. This includes compliance with local labor laws, taxes, visas, benefits, and international payroll. The goal is to make your employees feel rewarded, connected, and like they belong. You’re competing with local and global businesses for the same talent, which means you need to do as well or better than both of them to hire the best of the best.

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