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Collab tape

In the Catalogue of the Third Biennale in 2000, in the text “Questions and Answers”, Radivoje Dinulović and Milosav Marinović noted the following suggestions on what to do next:

“To introduce new activities of the Biennale, new programs, events and spaces”

“To systematically and ambitiously develop educational projects and programs, as a strategy of the Biennale”

The program lines of the Biennale of Scene Design 2022, and directly Collab Tape, are pleased to accept the presented visionary notes.

The cooperation between the Sub-Department of Arts and Design of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and the Numen / For Use collective is manifested through a project in the field of non-theatre scene design practices, creating a Tape installation, thus developing, at the same time, an exhibition space, and a potential play space. Tape installations have been exhibited in fifteen cities in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America – Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Melbourne, Paris, and others. It was exhibited in Serbia only once, in Belgrade, at the Mixer Festival in 2010.

The collaborative project Tape in Novi Sad is orchestrated by professionals, members, and associates of the collective Numen / For Use alongside ten prominent students from all three levels of studies of Scene Design (BA, MA, and DA). The project will be implemented in two phases. The first, construction phase will be executed through a workshop format and will take place as a form of preparation, in the days before the opening of the festival and the second, exhibition phase, which will happen during and after the festival days. The Collab Tape project aims to conquer and open a new value for the local community, as a direct product of the idea of ​​the Biennale of Scene Design on activating new spatial potentials of the city, in this case the campus of the University of Novi Sad. The outcome of this collaborative process will be a possible template for thinking about ephemeral structures that have authentic significance for the urban or natural landscape of Novi Sad.

Authors of the Collab Tape program line: Sven Jonke, Vanja Magić, Krešimir Pauk, Andrija Dinulović, Zoja Erdeljan

Tape Project Authors: Numen / For Use

Workshop participants: students of Scene Design (BA, MA), with the authors of the program line