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This year’s SCENlab kindergarten is part of the Children’s Biennale program, consisting of a series of creative workshops, which introduce children to the world of theater, architecture and art.

REGISTRATION FOR: deca@bisd.rs

September 2022

Children’s Biennale

5–7 September 2022, Gallery 2, Chinatown

Performance 10 September, 12:00h

The Children’s Biennale will have its finale during the Biennale of Scene Design, 5–7 September, from 16:00h to 19:00h, and on 10 September, on the upper floor of Gallery 2 in Chinatown, where the children will have the opportunity to take part in the final workshops, focusing on this year’s theme of the SCENlab daycare – Puppets.

Semi-finished products, props and puppets were produced at the SCENlab daycare workshops from March to June. They will be finished at the workshops that are part of the Biennale and “brought to life” in short performances. Puppet theatre will be developed through the production of sets (mobile boxes for performing plays), i.e. performance spaces where children will use different puppets: string puppets, hand puppets, and face masks.

The participating children are required to register for one of the four offered slots (they may also attend the workshops in all four slots) by sending an email to deca@bisd.rs, by 1 September 2022. The workshops are free and are intended for children ages 6–10.

The workshops is hosted by Dragana Pilipović and her assistants.


Preparations for the BIENNELE OF SCENE DESIGN 2022


The Scenlab Kindergarten Program (February – June) will serve as preparation for the Biennale of Scene Design and exhibitions to be held in the Shock Cooperative (22 Zmaj Jovina St.) as part of the side program of the Sterijino Pozorje Festival.  The workshops will take place once a month (or more frequently if necessary) and each of them will address a specific subject in order to create a semi-complete product, to be finished during the workshops at the Biennale itself.

The main idea is to use the workshops to develop a puppet theater. The workshops will open with the creation of the performance space – mobile boxes or screens where the puppet performances will take place. The play space is intended to make it possible for children to manipulate the marionette puppets from above, or glove puppets from bellow.  There would also be a third type of space, constructed so that children could play on them while wearing masks.

Stories and performances will be conceptualized, and all the remaining work on puppet and stage construction completed – at the Biennale itself.  A short puppet play will then be performed during the final phase of the program.

The workshops will take place once a month, on Sundays, between 11 AM and 2 PM.  All of the participants will be children aged 6 to 10.

The maximum number of participants is 15, and an e-mail notice will be required in advance.


Spring 2022


Topic of the Month

March 13th 

Design and production of the scenery/flats in a way that the space can be used as a screen for all three forms of playing with puppets: for puppets, for guineas and for masks.

Workshop activities: painting, cutting, installation of moving parts, insertion of lamps / basic lighting design, curtain setting etc.

April 10th 

Stage work

The workshop will be comprised out of the design and production of theater puppet dolls. The dolls will be made from different materials.

1st of May  

Stage work – final phase

Hand puppet dolls – managing a “hand” doll, the one that the puppeteer puts on his hand like a glove. Dolls are moved by the movement of fingers, rotating the hand and forearm. Children will have the opportunity to make dolls from materials of their choice and try their hand at presenting them.

Preparation for Sterijino Pozorje

May 29th 

Face masks – children will have the opportunity to express their creativity by creating face masks using various materials (cardboard, paper, collage paper, fabric, plaster…). Combining and merging them will lead to the final product.

Preparation for Sterijino Pozorje

Workshop instructor: Dragana Pilipovic

Team members: Sara Skvorc, Maja Bogdanovic, Nina Bogdanovic, Vanja Evdjenic

Volunteers: Students of Bachelor academic studies of Scene architecture, technique and design