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Dragan Marjanović

Dragan Marjanović is a tailor at Atelje 212 in Belgrade, with 50 years of work experience. After the Beko Clothing Company shut down, Dragan moved to the Yugoslav Drama Theatre and then to Atelje 212. The abundant experience and skill that Dragan possesses is reflected in perfectly tailored suits and the way that every fabric achieves a noble form in his workshop. Dragan comes to work every day in a shirt and tie, out of respect for his craft.

Interviewer: Darinka Mihajlović alijas Selena Orb

Cameraperson: Staša BUKUMIROVIĆ

Assistant cameraperson: Tanja ŽARIĆ

Sound design and recording: Sanja BUNJEVAC

Organizer: Anja POPOVIĆ

Photo credits: Staša BUKUMIROVIĆ, Tanja ŽARIĆ, Anja POPOVIĆ