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Dragan Stevanović Bagzi

Bagzi. Sometimes also known as Dragan Stevanović.

Sound engineer and head of the Atelje 212 Sound Department. He learned the craft at Lola Audio, Radio Belgrade Studio 7, RTV Politika, cult nightclubs Soulfood and Industrija, from Djuro Sanader at Atelje 212, and then obtained an undergraduate and Master’s degree in sound design and recording from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. He produces sound for the big stage, the place where the greatest noise is generated, but is actually the quietest space in the theatre.

And he still comes to work every day with a big smile.

Interviewer: Romana BOŠKOVIĆ ŽIVANOVIĆ

Cameraperson: Staša BUKUMIROVIĆ

Assistant cameraperson: Tanja ŽARIĆ

Sound design and recording: Sanja BUNJEVAC

Organizer: Anja POPOVIĆ

Photo credits: Staša BUKUMIROVIĆ, Tanja ŽARIĆ, Anja POPOVIĆ