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Dušan Jovanović

Dule – Dušan Jovanović, Lead sound tehnician in the Serbian National theatre. Being one of only three sound tehnicians in the theatre results in loads of work he has on a daily basis. He works with all types of sound and likes complex drama performances with many microphones, composed music and, if possible, with a vocal-instrumental ensembles on stage. He has been working in theater for thirty three years. He cares about his colleagues, especially the younger generation that is just starting to work in theater, and hopes that sound design will take a formal place in the Serbian National Theater, as light design has achieved.

Interviewer: Romana BOŠKOVIĆ ŽIVANOVIĆ

Cameraperson: Staša BUKUMIROVIĆ

Asisstent Cameraperson: Tanja ŽARIĆ

Record and sound design: Sanja BUNJEVAC

Organizer: Anja POPOVIĆ

Photo credits: Staša BUKUMIROVIĆ, Tanja ŽARIĆ, Anja POPOVIĆ