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Ivan Kiš

Ivan Kiš, a scene sculptor, working with sculpting ventures and procedures, creating new designs, scenographies and everything found on stage, restoring old stage designs that then heal and live. He works in the painting and sculpture workshop of Kombinat, the factory of magic of the Serbian National Theatre. He graduated sculpture at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. In a way, it can be said that he deals with monumental, large scale sculptures, given that he creates scenographies for the Large Scene (Scene “Jovan Đorđević”) of the Serbian National Theatre.

Interviewer: Romana BOŠKOVIĆ ŽIVANOVIĆ

Cameraperson: Staša BUKUMIROVIĆ

Assistant cameraperson: Tanja ŽARIĆ

Sound design and recording: Sanja BUNJEVAC

Organizer: Anja POPOVIĆ

Photo credits: Staša BUKUMIROVIĆ, Tanja ŽARIĆ, Anja POPOVIĆ