Siniša Ilić

Orientation in 100 Revolutions, with Bojan Djordjev

Image reproduced on a 100-square-meter canvas, 2017.


The image and its artistic reference explore the way that an abstract image becomes additionally designated, and then reexamined using different systems of signs and knowledge. The image is part of the namesake performance structure where it functions as a performative object, the initiator of the performative activity whose potential lies in the ability to cover other objects in the performance space. Such activity may be additionally interpreted within the framework of two textual proposals: the chronological-geographical-historical list of revolutions and social unrests that have occurred in the past hundred years, and the fragment from the novel Poem by Oskar Davičo, which lists different groups, class positions and natural entities whose movement and critical word are required in order for uprising to occur. Orientation in 100 Revolutions, revolution migrates through different artistic contexts, performances, exhibited in gallery and museum frameworks, in exteriors, an apartment as an exhibition space, thus contemplating different places of ideas and formats of revolutionary thinking.