Guided tour: Bi! First Hand

7 September, 18:00h


Guided tour: Bi! First Hand (Zoja Erdeljan)


During the tour of the Biennale of Scene Design, participants will visit all the spaces where the Biennale program takes place. The walk will include the stretch from the University of Novi Sad campus to the Creative District – Chinatown. In addition to visiting the programs, speaking to the authors, associates, and technical teams of the Biennale, the participants will also learn about the concept, preparations and realization process, as well as have the opportunity to see the “backstage” spaces that are not always available to the public, and which make the production of the festival possible.

They will also learn about scene design, how the Biennale was created, why it was revived and why it is important for the region.

animation designer: Mina Stojanov