Scene Makeup: Tools for Quick Magic 

5 September, 11:00h


Scene Makeup: Tools for Quick Magic (Darinka Mihajlović a.k.a. Selena Orb); Workshop guest: stage masker and make-up artist Dubravkа Bušatlija

Costumes help actors transform their personal body into one for the stage and depict a certain period and space where they are set. Makeup plays a significant role in this process because it enables actors to completely change their facial physiognomy, therefore becoming someone else. Through this workshop we will demonstrate different techniques that are used by stage makeup artists in theatre and film. The workshop will address the process of transforming the actor’s/performer’s face, from the personal into the character. Learn how to make someone older or younger, contour the face, apply wigs, and create scars and special effects. Learn the secrets of “quick” changes that lead to unrecognizability.

animation designer: Mina Stojanov