What You Can See Through Hearing

9 September, 11:00h


What You Can See Through Hearing (Sanja Bunjevac)


Since we get our bearings in space using sight, information that we receive by way of sound often remain unconscious – even though they significantly contribute to creating the picture of the entire surroundings. For this reason, the workshop aims to better acquaint the participants with the potential of human perception using hearing. Through the exploration of words that describe sounds, listening to sounds set in different spaces, determining the location of the sound source, and tracking the moving sound, the participants consciously conquer space from a different perspective. Defining the characteristics of the external place or inner sensation that the sound has produced, will provide the workshop outcome – a sum of words as a confirmation of the quantity and diversity of information. The corporality and deep instinctive value of perception through hearing will be further tested by listening to Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) sound recordings. ASMR is the pleasant “tingling” and relaxation that can be produced by listening to soft sounds recorded very close to their source.

animation designer: Mina Stojanov